France is top of the class in terms of industrial attractiveness

France is top of the class in terms of industrial attractiveness, good news, however, that does not break the gloomy and anxious climate that paralyses the country.

We all remained amazed children by the great industrial sagas that have marked our history, that made beautiful family epics that have promoted entire catchment areas, where generations of employees have succeeded one another and devoted themselves to the heart of the same productivity tool. 

Without doubt, these wonderful memories leave room today for the image of a François Hollande promising the impossible in Florange, or of padlocks locking forever the workers’ souls who lived only for their factory, which was also their family.

It is this tradition of hard work, integrity and devotion that is anchored in our collective unconscious when we approach the word “Industry", and it is precisely its vital mutation which explains that many people no longer find themselves in their vision of it. 

Indeed, modern French industry is notably supported by digital technology, energy, green technologies and business services. It has made the necessary transformation for its survival, adapting to new demands, modern means of production, and to a new way of conceiving industry.

For foreign investors, France remains the European country that attracts the most in the fields of investment, creation or extension of industrial sites, where Germany is still loosing its attractivy and where the United Kingdom has recorded a fall as spectacular as it is worrying because of the unknown Brexit.

We are now succeeding, both in terms of industrial exports with aeronautics and space construction, shipbuilding and pharmaceuticals, and in terms of foreign partnerships where many foreign-owned companies come to produce in France on these same supply chains.

The French paradox of this lack of appetite to rejoice in its good industrial health, when there are few areas where we find satisfaction, certainly comes from our unalterable conservatism, and the gaping wounds left by decades of industrial being in escheat, which make modern industry today seems fragile and an abstract concept in our minds.

Nevertheless, all hopes are allowed to give back the smile to the French, this positive sequence is not accidental, all the lights indicate that our industrial rise is made to last!